Mental and Emotional wellbeing

mental and emotional wellbeing resources

Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

Everyone needs to talk to someone from time to time. Bass Pro Shops offers confidential assistance and programs to help you work through personal, family or work/life issues. 


The Health Advocate Life Navigator Program is a free resource available to Outfitters in the United States, offering confidential, free assistance for personal, family and work/life issues.

Licensed professional counselors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for Outfitters, spouses, dependents and family members.

Assistance is available to identify issues and provide practical strategies, build coping skills and support emotional and mental health and connect to support resources.


Your personal health coach, Vida Health, is available at no cost to all Outfitters on the Bass Pro Shops Medical Plan. Through pairing you up with a coach or health expert, Vida will provide you with support as you learn to cope with anxiety or a stressful life event. 

How to handle stress 

While some stress can be healthy, prolonged stress has an impact on your mental and emotional health. The American Psychological Association indicates that 80 percent of survey respondents reported feelings associated with prolonged stress. 

ways stress can impact you:
  • Headaches
  • Reduced energy
  • Stomach and digestive issues
  • Anxiety and constant worry
  • Moodiness, agitation, frustration
  • Feelings of loss of control

Do a check-in for your yourself daily to ensure you are working through stress effectively and practicing self-care techniques that will keep you healthy.

5 simple ways to deal with stress: 

  1. Tackle the reality of uncertainty in the best way you can. Talk to friends and family and develop patterns that work for you during your day. Journal, walk or get outside. Find ways to reduce your stress and allow you to function at your best. 
  2. Find the meaning in your daily life. What do you value and how can you make sure you are connecting to that daily? Can you share this with others? 
  3. Unplug from electronics and the news.  
  4. Recognize your feelings and share them. Talking through your stress with someone you care about can help reduce your anxiety.
  5. Think outside your box. Think about your resources creatively/differently. Chaos can be a road to growth if you don’t get lost in fear of the unknown.

need more assistance?

The Bass Pro Shops medical plan offers access to Included Health, a service that can help you find mental and behavioral health providers.

If you need additional support or would like more resources, contact