Hospital Indemnity

Helping to cover hospital admission costs

Hospital Indemnity

Sometimes health insurance isn’t enough. Bass Pro Shops offers a Hospital Indemnity Plan by Voya, paying benefits to help you cover the costs if you are admitted to the hospital for a covered accident, illness or childbirth.

The Voya Hospital Indemnity Plan pays a lump-sum benefit of $2,200 directly to you on the first day of a covered hospital admission. The plan then pays $200 per day for a continued stay up to 60 days, or $400 per day while confined to an intensive care unit for up to 15 days. Benefit payments go directly to you to use however you need.

If you have questions about this Hospital Indemnity plan, please call the Voluntary Benefits Service Center at 1-855-276-2109

How it Works

Out-of-pocket costs from a stay in a hospital or other medical facility can be overwhelming. Hospital Indemnity insurance doesn’t replace your medical coverage; instead, it complements it by paying a benefit directly to you. No medical questions or tests are required for coverage and the claim process is simple.

WHY hospital indemnity IS VALUABLE

The benefits in this plan are compatible with a Health Savings Account (HSA).

You may take the coverage with you if you leave the company or retire, without having to answer new health questions. You’ll be billed directly.

What’s included

  • $2,200 for each covered hospital admission – for two admissions per year
  • $200 for each day of your covered hospital stay, up to 60 days per confinement
  • $200 for each day you spend in intensive care, up to 15 days per confinement – once per year
  • $100 for each day you spend in a rehabilitation facility, up to 10 days per confinement

Who can get coverage

You – If you’re actively at work

Your spouse

Your child(ren) Dependent children until their 26th birthday, regardless of marital or student status