Vision plans

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Bass Pro Shops vision plans

Questions? Call the HR Support Center 1-417-873-4357 (option 2) or email.

Bass Pro offers two vision plan options: the Base Plan and the Premium Plan, both administered by VSP Vision Care. With either plan you can save on vision care and products when you use providers who belong to the VSP network. 

Using your vision benefits is easy. Here’s all you need to do:

  • Create an account at After you have logged in, view your benefit information and find providers who belong to the VSP network.
  • At your appointment, tell the provider’s staff you have VSP. You don’t need an ID card, but if you want one as a reference, you can print one at

copays and plan payments

Base PlanPremium Plan
Exam (once per calendar year)$0 copay$0 copay
Prescription glasses lenses (single vision, bifocal, trifocal)$25 copay$25 copay
Frames – plan allowance$150 for one pair every other year$175 for one pair every year
Contact lenses instead of glasses$150 plan allowance$175 plan allowance
Contact lenses fitting and evaluation$60 maximum copay$60 maximum copay

Weekly OUTFITTER contributions

Base PlanPremium Plan
Outfitter only$1.08$1.80
Outfitter + spouse$2.14$3.58
Outfitter + child(ren)$2.35$3.94
Outfitter + family$3.75$6.28

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