Leaves of Absence

Extended obligations

To request a leave of absence, contact your manager or HR representative.

Leaves of Absence

We’re here to support you and your family if you need to take an extended period of time away from work – including for the birth of a child, medical issues or military service.

Questions? Call the HR Support Center 1-417-873-4357 (option 2) or email.

Bass Pro Shops offers multiple extended leaves for military, family, medical and personal obligations. 

For complete leave policies and additional eligibility details for each of these areas, please refer to the complete leave policies found in the Bass Pro Shops Outfitter Handbook.

Should the need arise for an extended leave under any of these circumstances, contact your manager or HR representative for details, questions and eligibility concerning your individual request and circumstance. It is the Outfitter’s responsibility to keep HR informed of your work status and availability to return to work. 

Military Leave

  • Bass Pro Shops supports our service members who are called into active military service or who enlist in the uniformed services by providing an unpaid military leave of absence in accordance with applicable federal and state laws. 
  • To request military leave, Outfitters must provide their manager with advance notice of their service obligations, unless they are prevented from providing such notice due to military necessity or it is otherwise impossible or unreasonable to do so.
  • Outfitters who are required to attend yearly Reserves or National Guard duty can apply for an unpaid temporary military leave of absence, not to exceed the number of days allowed by law (including travel). The Outfitter should give their manager as much advance notice of the need for military leave as possible so that we can maintain proper coverage.
  • Outfitters whose absence does not exceed applicable statutory limitations will retain reemployment rights and accrue seniority and benefits in accordance with applicable federal and state laws.


  • If an Outfitter does not qualify for FMLA, or if the duration of time exceeds the FMLA entitlement, Bass Pro Shops may grant a leave of absence without pay for compelling personal medical reasons up to six months. The six-month maximum duration includes any time taken under the Family Medical Leave Act.
  • Outfitters who have at least 90 days of service are eligible for this leave. A doctor’s certification must be provided when requesting medical leave, as well as a doctor’s statement releasing the Outfitter to be able to return to work at the end of the period.


  • Under certain circumstances, Outfitters who are not eligible for any other company leave of absence and/or have exhausted all other leave entitlements may be granted a personal leave of absence without pay. A request for a personal leave should be presented to the Outfitter’s manager or HR representative at least 2 weeks before the requested start of the leave, unless in cases of emergency. 
  • Typically, personal leaves of absence are granted for a period of up to 30 days. A personal leave of absence is not granted automatically. Requests are considered based on staffing requirements and the reasons for the requested leave, as well as Outfitter’s performance and attendance records. 
  • Under unusual circumstances, a personal leave may be extended provided that a written request for an extension is made prior to the expiration of leave, and the request is granted. Outfitters requesting to extend a previously granted personal leave must contact Human Resources immediately and must be approved. 
  • Upon completion of a personal leave of absence, the company will make every effort to reinstate you to the position you held at the start of the leave. However, sometimes a permanent new Outfitter must be hired in your place. In that case, when you return, we will attempt to place you in an available opening as close to your former position as possible, subject to prevailing business considerations.