Jury Duty

Summoned to serve

Jury duty

If you are summoned to serve on a jury, you may be excused from work, with pay.

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All Outfitters

  • Bass Pro Shops supports the obligation of all citizens to serve on a jury when summoned, and allows time off to perform this civic service as required by law.
  • You are eligible to be excused from work if: 1) You are summoned for jury service; or 2) You are subpoenaed as a disinterested party to appear as a witness in a trial or hearing.
  • Outfitters are expected to provide the company with proper notice of their request to perform jury duty and provide verification of service. The request and the verification must be placed in the Workday system. Inform your manager of the expected length of jury duty service, and report to work for the major portion of the day if excused by the court.
  • Salaried Outfitters are paid their full salary for any week in which they perform authorized work for the company.
  • Full-time and part-time hourly Outfitters will be paid for any loss of earnings (up to a maximum of 8 hours per day) for up to 10 days for all regularly scheduled hours missed due to jury or witness service. Regular full-time and part-time non-exempt Outfitters must complete 90 days of employment to be eligible for paid jury duty leave, unless otherwise required by applicable law. These hours are not counted as hours worked for purposes of calculating overtime.

See the Bass Pro Shops Outfitter Handbook for more details.