Financial Wellbeing

Planning for your  


Financial wellbeing

Whether you’re building your credit, creating a budget or planning for a big purchase, we provide helpful resources you can use to put your goals within reach. 


Voya Financial is a great tool for Bass Pro Shops team members with and without company 401(k) accounts. 401(k) account holders receive customized reports and snapshots of their retirement progress, tips for improving savings and an opportunity to request advice from financial professionals. Or browse through Voya’s Financial Wellness Library, with useful articles and free Voya Learn Live and On-Demand Sessions to help you on your way to financial wellness. 


The Health Advocate Life Navigator Program is a free resource available to Outfitters in the United States, offering confidential, free assistance for personal, family and work/life issues. Life Navigator offers support and resources to help navigate financial issues. 

The basics of financial wellbeing 

Financial wellbeing is about finding a balance between living today and planning for tomorrow. 

This includes: 
  • Confidence in personal assessment of one’s financial knowledge
  • Maintaining control over day-to-day and month-to-month expenses
  • Having resources to absorb a financial challenge
  • Staying on track to meet financial goals
  • Having the financial freedom to make choices that allow one to enjoy life

6 pillars of financial wellbeing

  • Protection – Insurance that allows expenses to be paid in case of disability, illness or death
  • Spending and saving – Ensuring that saving outweighs spending
  • Emergency fund – Money put aside to cover expenses for 3 to 6 months
  • Retirement – Saving each year for life after work
  • Debt management – Paying bills, seeking to be free of debt
  • Savings goals – Putting money away for things other than retirement

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